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At JODA Marketing, We understand that effective media, broadcasting and entertainment marketing requires presenting your content, the way today consumers expecting to get it. As a One-stop marketing agency, we can help you better understand your audience. Deliver your message on every platform.


In Business since 2014, We have made it our goal to be part of our client’s long-term goal. To help them achieve maximum success by learning and cooperating and executing effective marketing strategies and programs. Our individualized services include developing custom themes and websites, email marketing, video and photo gallery integration, and tracking statistics.

​JODA Marketing provides direct marketing services with a focus on Lead Generation, Social Media Campaign, and telephone solutions. The company provides Free Coaching and email marketing services designed to help Salespeople acquire and retain customers.


Founder to Our Team

These days success in business relies to the great extent on social media and digital marketing. Our founder have been in marketing industry for 19 years. With 10 years experience in client support and services. She have promoted several small businesses and have helped them expand, grow and succeed.


I started my marketing experience in Healthcare industry. As a Business woman, she discovered the power of social media, understand and learn techniques on how dominate sales board by learning on how to empower social media.

​Online advertising helped her understand the importance of the business, revenue, profit, investment, culture, goals, deadlines, success, ideas, and promotions. JODA is a 5 star Social Media/ Digital Marketing Director, who prioritizes the quality of my work. Every single client satisfaction counts. We offer multiple services to my clients from marketing to business development. Knowing the solid foundation in the Marketing industry, Our team have learned the hardest way that, running a business is not easy. Getting the customer to like your product and services is a challenge. Trusting the right marketing agency to partner with takes trust. social Media is at the all-time high for the generation to come. Become part of the future.


Our Solutions

We will become part of your team by understanding your needs and objectives thoroughly at the start of every project. Our experience and an award-winning team will visit you personally and transform your organization, tell your story and inspire your audience.


We will promote your company updates to targeted audiences on desktop, mobile, and tablet. We will drive awareness and leads in the world’s most viewed professional news feed.

My goal is to help businesses achieve maximum success by learning, cooperating and executing effective marketing strategies and programs. My job is to provide direct marketing services with the focus on lead generation, social media campaign and marketing services designed to help individual business owners acquire and retain customers. Promote your company and reach a wide audience on multiple platforms. Online visibility is your tool to employ unique theme for your business. It’s been a game changer, and you can be sure it’s part of your competition’s strategy to success.


Radio/Video Promotions

Media, broadcasting, and entertainment marketing require presenting your content the way today’s consumers expect to get it — available on multiple channels and across multiple devices.


We help you better understand your audiences, deliver content on every platform, and take advantage of revenue opportunities.

​JODA Marketing is a One-stop Marketing Agency. Our service also provides Radio,. Film, Television and Video production. The JODA Marketing team will deliver what we promise, and we promise industry-leading results that empower artists. Sales gimmicks and tricky contracts are not what we’re about. We will do what we say we will do, and we’re good at it. Our reputation and customer testimonials speak for themselves.

​Besides offering the world’s best radio promotion service, JODA offers a full promotional service which blasts out your video to hundreds of events and websites and we will help you reach the next level of your musical career.

Marketing your music shouldn’t be a difficult task. After all, your main focus is to make your music heard.


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