Darlene Zulman


These days success in business relies to the great extent on social media and digital marketing. My name is Darlene Zulman ( Digital Marketing Manager ). I have been in marketing industry for 17 years. with 7 years experience in client support and services. I have promoted several small businesses and have helped them expand, grow and succeed. I started my marketing experience in Healthcare industry. As a Saleswoman, I have discovered the power of social media, understand and learn techniques on how I can dominate my sales board. Online advertising helped me understand the importance of the business, revenue, profit, investment, culture, goals, deadlines, success, ideas, and promotions. I am a 5 star Social Media/ Digital Marketing Director, who prioritizes the quality of my work. Every single client satisfaction counts. Few of my clients are Catskills of Hidden Valley in Arkville New York, Sakowitz Fur of Houston Texas, JODA in Tampa Florida, Aloha/SB Billing and coding of Torrence California, Individual Automotive Sales consultant, Real Estate and more. I offer multiple services to my clients from marketing to business development. Knowing the solid foundation in the Marketing industry, I have learned the hardest way that, running a business is not easy. Getting the customer to like your product and services is a challenge. Trusting the right marketing agency to partner with takes trust. social Media is at the all-time high for the generation to come. Become part of the future.

My goal is to help businesses achieve maximum success by learning, cooperating and executing effective marketing strategies and programs. My job is to provide direct marketing services with the focus on lead generation, social media campaign and marketing services designed to help individual business owners acquire and retain customers. Promote your company and reach a wide audience on multiple platforms. Online visibility is your tool to employ unique theme for your business. It's been a game changer, and you can be sure it's part of your competition's strategy to success.

Joseph Liebers

Sr.Vice President/CFO

My name is Joseph Liebers I’ve had many trade and skills over the course of my life. I’ve understood from being a Lead Field Technician to a Marketing Sales Representative, the number one demand in any industry is service. A product is nothing with service. A service is what dictates and drives each individual and its business. Over the course of how technology is constantly evolving and what was the past will soon be obsolete. The saturation of the marketing and digital marketing industry it’s always challenging to find the right company for the right service. What really separate us from other marketing company’s is accountability, affordably. You’re not being passed on to the next representative you’re working with a small innovative organization that prides in quality and service. JODA Marketing makes it easy for companies not to overpay or underpay for a service. I look forward in growing and expanding our services for anyone whose looking for the right service at an affordable cost.


Remember this. Consumers purchasing a product are always willing to pay less, but are more engaged and always willing to pay more for service and quality. Price is based on the delivery of your service. Your service is priceless and never negotiable. I always deliver my promise and maximize my work to meet my client's expectations and deadlines.